Fiber Foods and Weight Loss

Dietary fiber is essential for a healthy diet. It is a type of healthy carbohydrate that provides calories for our body, and also a food component that has several functions to benefit our health. There are soluble and insoluble fiber, both types are good for our health and help weight loss. They are found in […]

Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Weight Loss – Nutritious Breakfast

In order to begin your day nicely, you should fill it with energy. Your breakfast is your energy provider for the day, so make sure it is healthy and nutritious. A nutritious breakfast will prevent you from snacking. In this article, I would like to show you my nutritious and healthy breakfast recipes to lose […]

Effective Exercise For Weight Loss – Healthy Ways To Stay Fit.

There are so many methods to lose weight. Losing weight requires one’s patience and efforts to reach their goal, but it is not necessarily the most difficult task to do. The most effective method of losing weight should be a combination of healthy diets and physical exercise. If you are on a tight budget, you […]

Good Sleep Helps Lose Weight

In the previous article, I mentioned the methods that my friends and I used to help our weight loss and inch loss. In my experience, the foods we eat and how we eat are the main factors for slimming down. Besides, good sleep also plays an important part in gradual weight loss. I am going […]

Lose 5 Pounds In A Week – Ways To Improve Your Shape and Health.

Losing weight and eliminating belly fat are actually not as difficullt to achieve as they sound if you put your goal for doing so in priority. I am going to show you what my co-workers and I did to lose 5 pounds in a week without doing exercise or getting tired. Here are the very […]

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Hi everyone and welcome to My Weight Loss Secret website. Helping people lose their weight, get rid of their unpleasant belly fats and maintain their beautiful body shape has always been my passion since I first met two of my co-workers who asked me how I could stay in a good shape at the age […]